3 Do’s and Don’t’s of Successful Facebook Marketing

Posted by Hillary on November 30, 2017

dos and donts



It’s no secret that Facebook is perhaps the┬ámost robust┬ásocial media marketing tool available to businesses. And earlier this year, we outlined a few ways to leverage content and ads, among other elements, on the platform.


First, we outlined three ways to freshen up your business’s Facebook ads. Next, we talked all things Facebook Live. Then, we offered some weekly content ideas to fit a variety of brands.


Now, we’re sharing a larger look at overall strategy. How often should you post on Facebook? What should I post? Why should I engage with my fans?


Come along as we count down the top do’s and don’t’s of Facebook strategy:


DON’T post spammy content. Often times, marketers are tempted to post self-promoting content, like sales and pleas for users to like their pages. This can come across as overly desperate and uninteresting to your fans.


DO post content that is useful to your fans. While self-promotion is certainly a part of successful social media strategy, it should be limited. Try providing your fans something they’d find useful. For example, if you own a home-improvement store, create a tutorial on the best ways to hang Christmas lights.


DON’T over- or under-post. Per PR Daily, posting too much can shrink your brand’s organic reach. Likewise, posting too infrequently can cause your page to “become a deserted ghost town.”


DO be judicious with your posting frequency. Do some A/B testing to find out when your audience is most likely to engage and schedule posts to ensure you’re posting regularly.


DON’T ignore your fans. When fans engage with your brand on Facebook, whether for positive or negative reasons, they expect a response.


DO acknowledge people when they interact with your page. If someone checks in at your business, throw them a like. If someone asks a question or messages your page, answer them. Even if the answer is, “We don’t know, but we’re finding out,” fans want to feel like they’re not shouting into the void.


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