7 Social Media Content Pieces to Use at Least Once a Week on Facebook

Posted by Nancy Van Patten on November 14, 2017



Consistency is (as Shakespeare is rumored to have said) a jewel. Brand consistency shines brightly in social media strategy, too: according to TrackSocial.com, responses to posts on Facebook may decrease if frequency drops to less than 1 post per day. How can your company’s posts stay consistent and relevant? Here are 7 social media content pieces we content creators keep in our tool box to use at least once a week.


Customer Review Graphics

If your business solicits Google reviews or has a high rating on other review sites, share the good news. Create a simple standard graphic that includes a text box and your logo. Make sure the graphic is configured to standard Facebook post sizes. Copy and paste your customer’s glowing words into the text box, edit the text to fit, then save and post. Don’t worry; if you’re not a graphics wiz, it’s easy to create graphics in both PowerPoint and Keynote. Save your original graphic and you can change the text box whenever you write a new post.

Here’s an example from RainHarvest Systems: 






Link to your brand’s other social media pages. 

Your customers are all over social media. According to multi-platform posting site Hootsuite,  over 40 percent of social media users are on multiple sites. At least once a week, post a link to your Instagram feed on Facebook, or link back to Facebook from Twitter.



Post trivia questions with #trivia hashtag.

You know your product better than anyone else, so share fun facts with your audience to increase their knowledge and build your credibility.  Use the hashtag #trivia to expose your content to a wider audience. You can incorporate Facebook’s newly-resurrected Polls feature , or you can write 2 posts on your News Feed–one with the question, the other with the answer–to run on the same day and approximately 6-8 hours apart.



Link back to your website’s FAQ page.

Customer service is an important facet of your social media platforms. Many of your customer’s questions can be answered with a link to your website’s FAQ pages. This link can bring exposure to one of your less-trafficked web pages, too.



Post about a current event connected to your product/service.

Establish authority and be an advocate for your product or service by posting content that links to news about your industry or field. We preach content sharing with our 60-30-10 rule  for a good reason; we’ve found that it truly builds up your reputation. Not sure how to do the research? Sign up for Google News and add topic-specific sections from your business to your “feed” in Settings.



Post images that are inspirational, emotional, or celebrate a fun holiday. 

Memes and quotes are some of the most highly-shareable pieces of content on social media.  You can create your own graphics, or check common-use sites for images you can use for free. Sites that list obscure holidays (such as daysoftheyear.com ) provide more content inspiration; for example, did you know that today is “Spicy Guacamole Day?” I bet you didn’t.



Share a “slice of life” shot or post that showcases something unique about your work.

Do your employees hold a coat drive in the winter? Is there a coffee shop next door where you meet your clients that serves the best pumpkin spice latte ever? Think about what your business does best and what makes your brand unique.



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