7 Ways to Use Instagram Stories

Posted by Hillary on November 2, 2017

As Instagram Stories continue to rise in popularity, more and more brands are seeing the value of this platform-within-a-platform. But how can your brand leverage Instagram Stories as a part of your content strategy?


Glad you asked…




According to this infographic, brands across several industries are using Instagram Stories. Every industry from fashion and retail to air travel and hospitality are seeing the value and winning the IG game.


And as PR Daily asserts:


Most brands (59 percent) use Instagram Stories as a vehicle to link to a shopping cart. Twenty-three percent linked to other social media platforms; 10 percent linked to blog posts.


Thirty-six percent of Stories “promote a product or service.” Twenty-two percent offer an “inside look” at a company, 14 percent are reserved for “Influencer takeover” content, and 5 percent are of the “how-to” variety.


The most active industries using Instagram Stories are fitness, fashion, retail, technology, airlines, automotive and travel.


The most active brands on Instagram Stories include Kayak, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald’s, IBM, Columbia, Whole Foods and Lufthansa.


Feeling inspired? Below are 7 ideas for how your brand can start using Instagram Stories:


1. Offer a special product promotion.

Share an exclusive code or other deal that’s featured solely on your Instagram Stories. You can even encourage people to view your Stories for a chance to take advantage of the offer.


2. Give an inside look into your business.

Pull back the curtain and let people see the inner workings on your brand. Does you own a factory? Showcase the machinery and workers. Do you work in a high-rise? Offer a sneak peek at the CEO’s corner office.


3. Host an influencer takeover.

Partnering with influencers is a great way to get more traffic to your Instagram Stories. Have an influencer run your Stories for a day, perhaps during a special event, and invite their followers to visit your account to see content from the influencers they love.


4. Broadcast a live event.

Hosting a concert? Participating in a charity housing build? Share clips from the event to your Stories.


5. Share a how-to video.

If you sell a product, showcase different ways to use it. For example, if your brand manufactures fabric paint, share step-by-step videos about how to use the paint in creative ways.


6. Showcase user-generated content.

This is one of our favorite ways to use Instagram Stories. Everyone loves feeling acknowledged, and this is a great way to do just that. Invite your fans to share content for a chance to be featured.


7. Host an exclusive contest.

Have people reply to your Stories, participate in a poll or screenshot an image to enter.


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