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What exactly is social media marketing?

Social media is media designed to be social or shareworthy. Social media marketing uses that approach to connect with people. More specifically, Somedia uses social media marketing to help our clients connect with the right people (qualified, targeted prospects as well as their influencers and other valuable industry partners) in natural conversations to build relationships and credibility.

What’s my ROI on social media?
Building relationships and credibility is great, but what about ROI? Return on investment in social media relates directly to your business and business marketing goals. Are you engaging marketing tactics to provide customer service, or to solve problems? Are you crowdsourcing for new ideas to increase the number of people talking positively about your product or service? Social media helps you sell more products and services because it engages with your client base in a way that wins trust. Once you identify your long term business goals, you can build and evaluate your social media marketing goals. Then, use specific metrics to measure your activities and derive your ROI from there.

Will this work for my B2B business?

Social media marketing can definitely be used for B2B companies. In fact, many times our job as social media specialists is to support the activities of the sales force. We can reach out and connect with specific point people to start conversations and help set appointments for your sales people. We do it the social way, of course. We choose the right tools to get the job done based on our SoDISCOVERY meeting with your team.

How do I get more fans and followers?

Have you ever heard that you can pay for fans/followers to get that number up? Sure, you definitely can, but it’s not always a good idea (yes, actually SOMEtimes there are reasons to do this, but only in very special cases). IF you choose to “buy your fans,” you’re likey to end up with a wide variety of people who
1. will never engage with you, 2. never talk about you, and 3. never actually benefit your business. We prefer to build REAL audiences the organic way. That means connecting with the right people by producing valuable and relevant content. Organic growth happens when you participate in meaningful conversations, connecting online and offline marketing tactics, and promote your social availability across marketing strategies. Another great way to gain fans/ followers is to spend money in advertising. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure out how much to spend and what ads to purchase (ie: Facebook promoted posts, sponsored stores, or standard ads?).

What about negative comments about my brand?

The truth is, people are going to talk about you. Yes, they might talk about a bad experience on occasion, but they’re going to talk about you. But think of it this way: if you’re not there to participate in the conversation, you have zero control over what’s said. Let me be clear, our goal is not to CONTROL the conversation, but to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in the conversation when/if appropriate. Let’s say someone claims something negative about a customer service experience they had – we’ll be there to make sure you know about it ASAP and to suggest a carefully crafted response to take that conversation offline and address it accordingly. Our goal is to turn that detractor into a promoter for your brand. And, if an existing promoter talks about you positively, we’ll help you reinforce that behavior to create strong brand advocates (those people will even come to your rescue, answering negative commentary with their positive opinions!).

Can Somedia help me protect my brand reputation?

Online reputation management is important for any company: monitoring who is talking about your brand publicly and what they are saying. Indeed, we will monitor the web for you and, when something’s said, we’ll find it, and take the proper lines of communication to formulate the best response. Then, we’ll manage the conversation on your behalf. We develop a playbook to do this…it’s kind of a big deal! Nancy gives you a peek into the guts of a social media marketing playbook in her blog The Essential Elements of a Scial Media Playbook

We have a lot of industry regulations we have to keep up with and follow, can I still use social media effectively?

Did I mention the social media playbook? SMP’s are especially important when considering Trademark use, company information, company position and protection, and hot topics or red flag words. We comb through the regulations and expectations and formulate a custom playbook, built specifically for your brand and YOUR business (not just for your industry). One of the most important parts of social media is responding in a timely manner and a social media playbook helps us meet those expectations of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest users.

How will I know which social media networks we should be using?

You know your business and a bit about your audience – who they are, who influences their buying decisions, what they’re interested in, and how they make their buying decisions. WE need to know what you know, which is why we have a SoDISCOVERY session. Then, our worker bees go back to the hive and do research to find out where your audience is participating online — and how. You will get our SoRECOMMENDATION that includes where you should be participating, what kinds of content to produce, how often to post, who to talk to, and who’s talking about things that are important to your target audience. Find out more about how this works

Do I really have to have a blog?

The answer is likely, YES! We’ll make recommendations for you as to how often to blog, what to blog about, who to have as your guest bloggers, and where we want you to be featured as a guest blogger. In fact, the trend we see time after time is that the more often you blog, the more traffic you’ll drive to your website, the more people will be talking about you, and the higher your Google rankings will climb! This also builds the credibility of your company as “the go to company.” Blogging is one of the most important things you can do for your company as far as your website, SEO, social media, and other company materials are concerned. Get on the blog train – it’s going places!

But blogging is hard – it takes so much time and I’m never satisfied with my writing.

We can help! Blog Publisher is a service we offer where we interview you, asking leading questions to go deep and find the remarkable and shareworthy content you have in your head. We record the interview, and then transcribe the video, using YOUR words to formulate and craft a thoughtful blog that is valuable and easily read. YOU are the blogger. We find that spending 20 minutes with your expertise allows us to create 1-5 blogs!

Most information is available somewhere on the web, but what matters to your connections is your unique perspective and experience with a subject. Make the information they find unique to you — make it YOUR information — and you’ll find more business opportunities as a result. That’s called INBOUND marketing.

I’ve heard about inbound marketing. Is that what you do?

YES! We create original, valuable content to populate your blog, your newsletters, your emails, your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, your LinkedIn profiles, your Google+ feed, your Pinterest boards, and your Instagram stream. We’ll publish that material for you, and when your prospects discover you, they’ll be directed to your website and contact you.

Is inbound marketing enough for my business?

In our experience, no. Of course, we want to make it easy for people to find you and then once they’ve found you, they appreciate what you have to say in order to make a purchase. But social media marketing is about relationships – it’s a two-way conversation that isn’t always started by the marketer (on your own Facebook page or Twitter feed, etc). That’s why we engage in Active Outreach on behalf of our clients. We spend time listening to your target audience’s commentary in public forums and find opportunities to engage and respond in natural, valuable ways. Then, we focus on turning those conversations into dollars to benefit your bottom line.