How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn

Posted by Emily Johnson on December 6, 2017

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Ask any social media maven and they will tell you: regardless of what platform you’re on, hashtags are king. Begun in 2007 on Twitter as a method of categorizing posts into easily-searchable groups, hashtags quickly went viral and took over the social media space, most notably on  Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These days, the popularity of hashtags are undeniable; even LinkedIn is incorporating hashtags into its platform. But on such a professionally-geared site, how do hashtags fit in, and what are the proper ways of incorporating them?


There has been some back and forth on LinkedIn regarding whether or not they support hashtagging. After the creation of hastagged words, the format was not supported on the platform. In 2016, LinkedIn began supporting hashtags on the mobile app only. As of now, LinkedIn officially supports hashtags on all devices: any hashtag that is included in any post is searchable, tappable, and becomes part of that hashtag’s community on the platform. And unlike platforms such as Instagram, there are no built-in hashtag limits for LinkedIn posts; so if you so desire, you can hashtag away to your heart’s content.


However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should! LinkedIn is, at its core, a fundamentally different kind of social media platform in that it is professionally-geared; unlike on an Instagram or Twitter post, less is more. Current industry standards state that you should aim for about 3 hashtags per post or update, and that general hashtags (like #socialmedia, for example) tend to perform the best. If someone on the platform is looking for a company or person within a specific field and searches that generic hashtag, your account will appear. You may include one personalized or branded hashtag to familiarize your audience with it, as long as you are also using more general hashtags to increase visibility in user searches.


So where exactly should you be including hashtags? The simple answer is that you should use hashtags in anything that you want to appear in a search. If you have a personal account on the platform and regularly post updates or share articles, consider including some hashtags so that your content becomes searchable. If your company has a page on LinkedIn, it might be a good idea to include a few hashtags in the company description: if someone is searching for a particular service, your business will appear (this is also a great idea for individuals who want to appear in such searches, too!).


When you include a hashtag, your content or profile will become searchable.



Whether or not you choose to include hashtags in your posts, status updates, or company or personal descriptions, remember that the goal on LinkedIn is always to appear polished and professional. Consider separating your hashtags from the rest of the text with a couple of spaces to keep things clean and organized. In general, current standards do not have hashtags in the middle of sentences; if you do decide to put a hashtag in your sentence (as in, for example, a quick status update,) just use one in the sentence and leave the rest for the end.


When including a hashtag in a post or status update, consider separating it from the rest of your text with a few spaces.



It's a smart idea to include hashtags in you or your business' description.



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