Social Media News Years Resolutions

Posted by Chelsea Brown on January 2, 2018

Can you believe that it is already 2018? As you sit down to plan your personal goals for the new year, don’t forget your brand’s social media accounts. We have compiled some ways to give your social media a fresh start in 2018. It can be easy to fall into the same routines and let your social assets get stagnant.  Let’s liven things up for the new year and start off strong!


Change your passwords. Yes, we know it’s annoying. Changing your passwords regularly is a healthy and smart habit to keep. Be sure that your password is hard to guess for pesky outsiders who might be trying to get in by eliminating anything related to your business, location, or any other obvious words. Example: If you own Joe’s Carpet Cleaners on 18th Street. “carpet18” isn’t the strongest password. Adding random numbers and symbols increase the strength and security of your password.



Research the latest trends. What is going to be trending in social media in 2018? We’re glad you asked! We gathered some of the most popular trends we are expecting to see in the social world this year. Click here to read it. Get a jump start on the trends and be some of the first to use these popular marketing tools.


Try something new. Haven’t created an Instagram story yet? Still don’t have a Pinterest account? Have you gone live on Facebook? New year, new you! Try a new feature on social media that you haven’t explored yet. If you’re stumped, our blog is chock full of posts on how to use the latest updates and features. Be sure to also head over to our Instagram where we regularly share advice, tips, and how-to’s on our stories.

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Your marketing assets deserve a fresh start and some special attention. Lay out your goals for the year and make them “win-able.” Have a look through some of our blog posts from 2017 for content inspiration, how-to’s, and more! If you’re still struggling, we’d love to help. Be sure to follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook!