Social Media Trends to watch for 2018

Posted by Chelsea Brown on November 29, 2017

The end of 2017 is quickly approaching. We’ve seen a huge change in social media this year with the addition of thousands of new features and updates to the platforms we know and love. So how can you get ahead of the game in 2018? There are already some trends emerging that you can jump on when planning for next year.


Augmented reality. Virtual reality is rapidly increasing in popularity. We’ve already begun to see augmented reality trickle into social media with filters on Snapchat and Instagram. The new iPhone 8 and X have introduced several augmented reality features that surely work their way into social platforms as well. We hope to see some interesting marketing tactics take advantage of this new technology as it develops and bring it to social media. How could your brand make use of augmented reality?



Influencer marketing. A huge rise in influencer marketing has already happened in 2017 and will carry over into 2018. Users are much more likely to purchase a product or service recommended to them by a trusted influence than by traditional marketing alone. These influencers build a personal and individual connection with their following that makes them feel more like friends than some random person on the internet. YouTube and Instagram have been huge platforms for the success of influencer marketing and we have seen more and more brands taken advantage of this. Brands who have gone for traditional advertising strategies have struggled to connect with online audiences. We hope to see more brands take advantage of influencers and get creative with their advertising strategies.



Video. Numbers show that 43% of people want to see video content from marketers, and 51.9% marketing professionals worldwide name video as the content type with the best ROI. These are huge numbers! As more brands are getting on the video train, this will be a huge trend in 2018. With an increasing number of formats such as stories, live-streaming, and now interactive video hangouts, brands and businesses have lots of options and ways to get creative with video content.



Struggling to wade through a sea of social media updates and trends? Worried you won’t be able to stay on top of all the new movements 2018 brings to the social world? That’s what we do! We’d love to develop a strategy that stays up on the trends and is right for your brand. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.