Which Social Media Sites Fit your Business Plan?

Posted by Nancy Van Patten on June 10, 2014

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Are you in charge of social media marketing for your business? Odds are good that you’ve compared notes about the various platforms with other businesspeople—and gotten a wide variety of results. To shift through the clatter, chatter and noise about the “best” social sites for your business, we recommend that you treat new social media opportunities like a cat treats a potential nap spot: stop, circle and examine it, and if it fits, you sits.


We’ve come up with a few guidelines that will help you decide where to “sit” your social media for your business:



Your business should be on Google+ if:

You should be on Google+. Period. Why? Your Google+ business page is an absolute SEO goldmine, especially the page name and description. Your business name and keywords, if placed correctly, will help your company’s name rank higher in a search. This article from Social Media Examiner  will help you optimize your Google+ business page.  Along with the SEO advantage, Google+ offers opportunities to create events, or Hangouts, to chat with your fans. Christine’s blog explains the process.


Your business should be on LinkedIn if:

-It’s a business-to-business service

-You regularly post blogs that give you an opportunity to be thought of as a thought leader (cross-post them on LinkedIn)

-You want to use your LinkedIn account to recruit new employees

Note: all professionals should have a LinkedIn page for networking; however, not every business should have a LinkedIn page.


Your business should be on Facebook if:

-It’s a business-to-consumer storefront or product

-You want the widest audience possible in social media

-You are willing to use Facebook as a customer service tool, and can promptly respond to questions and comments

Note: Most product-driven companies will want a presence on Facebook.


Your business should be on Twitter if:

-You have a business-to-consumer storefront or product

-Your business-to-business company has executives that are thought leaders in your industry, or you (or your employees) write blogs with good, shareable content

-You have breaking news, sales or events that can be promoted via tweets

Note: Twitter is good for creating conversation during live events, promoting blogs or tooting your businesses’ horn.


Your business should be on Pinterest if:

-You have a business-to-consumer retail storefront or online product

-You have a heavily female demographic

-Your product is visually appealing

Note: Pinterest is the stronghold of wedding dress designers, crafters and travelers. Managed carefully, it can drive more traffic to your website than any other social media site.


Your business should be on Instagram if:

-You have a business-to-consumer product or retail storefront

-Your have a young demographic

-You have a wide variety of products, or the product can be photographed/videoed in creative ways

Note: You must be willing to spend time on your photography efforts and create an Instagram account that’s consistently interesting to your audience. 


Your business should be on YouTube if:

-You have a business-to-consumer product or a business-to-business service

-You have the ability to create high-quality videos, or have access to a service that can shoot them for you

-You are willing to commit to consistent video production

Note: YouTube content can be used on your other social media sites, which makes it appealing for many businesses.


Your business should be on Vine or Snapchat if:

-You have a business-to-consumer product or storefront

-Your demographic is young and trendy

-You have the ability to shoot fun, interesting video on the fly during work hours

Note: Video-only sites enable you to capture younger audiences with a short attention span, but you’ve got to be willing to stay current with their trends. Here are some tips for using Vine and Snapchat.


Do you have any questions about the right social media fit for your business? Leave a comment here, or ask us on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.